About PYL Consultancy Limited

We are a specialist firm with our focus on the planning, design and delivery of large scale special functional buildings for Corporate clients.

Ir P Y Li is the proprietor of the company. He was formerly the Director of Building & Services of Wayfoong Property (Asia Pacific) Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of HSBC, his main role is leading some 300 professionals and technical staff to undertake all building related functions including architectural design, project management, M&E services and facilities management for HSBC new and existing buildings and premises in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. The Company was migrated into HSBC as Corporate Real Estate ASP in 2001 and PY was holding the post of Senior Manager Building & Services ASP until his retirement in 2005. He was then retained by contract as the Senior Manager Special Projects and Critical Facilities, responsible for the planning, construction and delivery of the Bank’s new Tier 4 production data centre and leading the Bank’s Head Office Building infrastructure upgrade.